kamairicha japanese green tea (18)

Organic Kamairicha (japanese green tea) 50g

This organic kamairicha ( 釜炒り茶) is the flagship product of Miyazaki prefecture.

This premium tea is very rare because it’s a blend of yabukita and another, much less known cultivar, kanaya midori.

Pan-fried and not steamed, this is still very much a green tea, with all of its antioxidants. Its freshness and sweetness come together with a subtle touch of umami for an refined balance, with a hint of bitterness.

Its low caffeine levels make this tea a perfect choice for a late-afternoon brew.

50 grams is enough to brew roughly 17 cups of tea (80 mL per cup).


Each Bag is Just $19

Instructions for brewing kamairicha

1. Put 6g of tea leaves for 2 cups of tea in a teapot (with a wire mesh filter).

2. Bring water to a boil. Quantity for 2 teacups : 160ml (5.41oz) of water

3. Pour the water in each cup and wait until temperature reaches 80°C (176F).

4. Pour the water from the cups into the teapot, close the lid and allow the tea to brew for 90 seconds. Do not stir.

5. Make sure to take a few seconds to enjoy the aroma as the leaves brew and once again as you drink the tea.

6. You can rebrew the tea leaves 2-3 times depending on your tastes and preferences. And in warmer months, this makes a refreshing cold brew tea as well!

Try this tea today!


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