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When I found the Japanese cooking club I was inspired by zen cuisine “Shojin ryori“. I loved searching for pictures and vegan recipes of this kind of cooking. Then on Instagram I found Pat, I was delighted by the way he taught japanese food, so, here I am! Happy, eager to learn but without much time. My life now is more rich, more fun because, I try to cook japanese food every Saturday to please my family.  

Erendira Gomora​

Joining this group motivated me to cook more Japanese food. Seeing other members accomplishments are the greatest encouragement to me!
I grew up in Japan and Have cooked and eaten a lot of Japanese food but Pat has introduced me to ingredients I have not tried or used in my cooking and broaden my knowledge! And lots of new recipes to go with the ingredients is really great!

Miki Johnson

The cooking experiences I have had opened doors I did not even know were there! I never anticipated that we would love the food and these new flavors this much. Seriously, where has miso soup, shio koji, and goma-ae, to name but a few, been all my life?
Keep in mind, I was not looking for lessons in Japanese cooking. Through an odd chain of events, I ran into Patrick Tokuyama online and took his course on soymilk and tofu. What I liked right away was that he got down to specifics with his instructions, letting you know why doing something in a particular way produced better results. You got a lot of concise information in a short amount of time. My schedule is tight. I really appreciated his clear approach that respected my time as a learner and did not drag out a 15 minute lesson for an hour.
What caught my attention when I heard Patrick talk about the Japanese Cooking Club was that it would be primarily plant-based. We have lived a whole food, plant-based life for over 5 years. For me, the emphasis on plant-based was important. To be honest, I knew next to nothing about Japanese cuisine before I started. However, I was intrigued by the possibility of what new ideas I might encounter precisely because I had no preconceived notions. I rapidly discovered that right from the start, the lessons introduced our household to many new favorites. In fact, what we are eating is around 50% from the recipes in the Japanese Cooking Club with the remaining 50% being my variations on those recipes or experiments taking those same ingredients and combining them with other foods to create something new. We aren’t the only ones who like what we are making. Friends have been equally enthusiastic about the taste tests with the new foods. The recipes are not complicated but the results are delicious.
The other people in the online environment for the Japanese Cooking Club are pleasant and supportive of efforts. If there is an ingredient you want to change out for some reason, adaptations are simple. Patrick is accessible for questions as are other members of the group.
Joining was a good decision for our household!

-Jane Madden

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